Merry Christmas everyone! A few of these delicious + quick sweets are from my great grandmother’s cook book! So excited and delighted to share some of these yummy recipes. These are great if you forgot to get a dessert for a party, get together, or you are just craving something sweet!

First stop; Bon Bons

Ingredients include:

1 box of powdered sugar

1/2 stick of margin

1/2 can of Eagle Brand

1/2 bag of coconut (optional)

2 cups of nuts (optional)

1 teaspoon of vanilla


1. mush together then roll into little balls + place on pan or tupperware (place wax paper in between)

*freeze for 2 hrs*

2. Melt milk chocolate or white chocolate (your preference)

3. roll balls around in chocolate

4. add sprinkles (optional)

5. Put back on pan or tupperware and refrigerate until served

*makes about 2 dozen balls*

(first 3 photos above)

Second stop; Rum Balls


2 1/4 cup of vanilla wafers

1 cup chopped pecans (optional)

1/2 cup of bourbon or rum

3 tablespoons of cocoa

1 cup of powered sugar


1. Crumble wafers with a rolling pin or blend in a blender

2. add other ingredients

3. roll into balls

4. place the balls on powered sugar and begin to roll the balls around

5. place in a container or pan + leave in fridge until ready to serve.

*makes about 2 dozen balls*

(4th and 5th photos above)

Third stop; Oreo Balls w/ peppermint


1 bar of Creme Cheese

25 Oreos

Peppermint Extract

White Chocolate




1. Separate the cookie & creme from each other in the Oreo (KEEP THE CREME)

2. Blend or roll Oreo cookies until crumbled

3. Place crumbled Oreos and bar of creme cheese into a stand mixer

4. mix until there is not visible white in the batch

5. roll into balls + place in container or pan + refrigerate for 30 min

6. melt white chocolate with the creme that was originally in between the Oreo cookies

7. add Peppermint extract

8. once melted; roll the Oreo balls around in white chocolate + creme

9. add sprinkles + crushed peppermint (optional)

10. place back in fridge until ready to serve

*makes about 2 dozen balls*

(6th-10th above)

Lastly; Peppermint Bark


White Chocolate


Peppermint Extract

Food Coloring

Wax paper


1.melt white chocolate

2. add peppermint extract

3. add red food coloring

4. pour white chocolate all over wax paper + add crushed peppermint

5. let sit until hardened (or refrigerate to speed up the process)

6. once hardened break apart into pieces

(11th-14th above)

THAT IS ALL! I hope you all enjoyed these super easy/yummy recipes! Merry Christmas!