Social Media + Relationships

On a daily basis, I scroll through my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed and see only the good parts of people’s relationships. Mine included. With social media being such a huge part of our lives, it is incredibly easy to show only the good and store the bad in a box deep deep within the ground. We live in a world of imperfections but we want everyone to think our lives and relationships are perfect. I feel compelled to say that I love the flaws, the messiness, and even the sadness that comes with my relationship with Brett.

In today’s society, our ways of feeling satisfied with how much our significant other cares for us is based on how often we post about them. Trust me, that’s been me. And sometimes is still me. But why? Social Media has created this image that if we aren’t saying the cute things, posting about each other enough, or acting like our relationship is perfection than we automatically feel worthless. We watch other couples post about one another all the time and for some reason that triggers us to want more out of our own relationships. It’s honestly humorous that we put aside simple gestures such as opening doors, paying for dinners, holding hands, writing sweet notes, etc as if those are unimportant compared to social media.

We put a wall up and pick & choose what we want people to see. Without getting too personal, I am slowly becoming more open to posting and sharing the beautiful struggles Brett & I face each day. But never all negative because ohhhh boy, there are TRILLIONS of positives. And each argument, bicker, and tear ends in a hug and an “I’m sorry.” And I think that’s what a real relationship is. Not the one that you want everyone to see through a tiny little screen but the one that’s authentic and real. The one that appreciates gestures over social media posts. The one that has highs and lows. The one that finds joy in the little things. And most of all the one that is imperfect.

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