How Brett & I Met

Happy Wednesday!

You’re probably wondering how a girl from a small town in Texas met a boy all the way from Florida…I’m wondering that too but all I gotta say is God sure does work in THE MOST mysterious ways and here we are almost two years later!

Where: 2015 Spring Training in Kissimmee FL

At the time, my dad was currently working for the Astros so my mom and I flew down to FL during my spring break to see him! My sweet Aunt Vick met up with us the few days we were there & couldn’t stop raving about one of her former students named Brett Phillips who had been drafted by the Astros! Naturally, like anyone would, I said “How cool! Good for him!” and we kinda just dropped it. Later that day, we all attended the game and went down by the field to see my dad before we got to our seats. My aunt just so happened to ask if Brett was with the big league club & my dad said that they actually brought him tonight for backup. Brett came out of the dugout with THE BIGGEST smile I think I’ve ever seen and happily met my mom & I. He hugged my Aunt Vick (which is huge because I’m a BIG hugger) and they kinda picked up where they left off! I was so intrigued by his demeanor and how he carried himself as a person. He was incredibly warm hearted & genuine. At the time, I was about to go to college and dating someone was the last thing I was thinking about. My aunt started running towards the dugout after the game and kept yelling “Bri come on! We gotta see him before he leaves!” She made us get a picture together which at the time, felt incredibly awkward because I didn’t know the guy! But looking back, i’m incredibly thankful she did…I get to reminisce on that moment all the time. Afterwards, I sent him the photo via twitter & just wished him the best of luck! For some reason, he continued the conversation & I didn’t quite scare him off πŸ˜‰ & here we are almost 2 years later of dating!

I never had any interest in dating anyone in baseball…and I never did until Brett. Mostly due to the fact that my dad has been in the industry my whole life and I didn’t know if the distance would ever be worth it. Brett totally changed my perspective and I couldn’t be more grateful. We both had incredibly different plans for our lives before we met…just shows how God works. I never thought I’d be planning my schedule around baseball but here we are..doing just that. Couldn’t be more thankful to be doing it with my best friend though! Brett is such a God fearing man who guides me in every aspect of life. He has a heart of PURE GOLD and brings so much joy to every person he comes in contact with (which i’m sure if you’ve met him, you agree). And his laugh is pretty great! So I guess the moral of my whole story is that Aunts are ALWAYS right πŸ˜‰ but…just wanted to share how this crazy whirlwind of a story came about!

P.S. sorry for all the pics…but I couldn’t choose just one! I mean LOOK AT HIM…he’s the cutest!


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