Q & A on lash extensions

Hello loves! I’ve been getting tons of questions on my lash extensions and just everything that comes with having them. Down below I’m going to answer the main questions I asked before I got mine done and also what others tend to ask me!

(Main Question): Do the faux lashes ruin your natural lashes?

  • Before I got them done, that was the very first question I asked. The lady who does mine is actually a close family friend to a guy I knew super well in high school & so, I trust her judgment pretty well. I was told that your natural lashes actually fall out frequently anyways + grow back fairly quickly. People tend to think their lashes have been pulled out once they remove the faux lashes do to the fact that they are so used to seeing their lashes as longer and fuller. (Disclaimer: don’t pick or pull at your lashes though or they WILL  rip your natural lashes out)

How frequently do you get them done?

  • I go every 3.5 weeks or so. It really depends on how well your faux lashes are glued on + how frequently your natural lashes fall out since the faux lashes are glued onto your natural lash.

Where do you get them done?

  • I go to Amazing Lash Studio in College Station and I know for a fact that there are locations all over the United States! They do a great job but I still recommend checking out the reviews on the location near you or other lash studios near you!

Who do you go to?

  • I usually always go to Shelby Berry but I have gone to this lady named Patty before! They’re both awesome!

What kind do you get?

  • So at Amazing Lash Studio there are 4 different kinds you can choose from (Gorgeous, Natural, Sexy, Cute) as well as length and color (if you want to get crazy, they have blue, purple, pink, etc) I get the “Gorgeous” kind! I personally like Gorgeous they’re full but still look natural!

How much do you pay?

  • I know it varies from place to place but where I go, I paid $90 for a full set. I also got the membership which you can get out of at ANY TIME & it takes a pretty penny off of the price.

Non-members vs. Members

Full Set of Lash Extensions: $250.00, $89.99

Refills (every 3-4 weeks): $79.99, $55.99

30 min Touch-ups: $49.99, $35.99

Lash Removal: $35.00, $30.00

How long does a full set take?

  • It takes about an hour and 45 min.

How long do refills take?

  • About 45 min.

Do they ever bother you?

  • Towards getting a new refill, sometimes the faux lashes come a bit unglued and go different directions. Sometimes, they will get in your eye but that an easy fix. Besides that they really dont bother me.

Can you get them wet?

  • Yes! You have to wait 24 hours after to get them done to get them wet though. I just try to avoid my eyes when I wash my face.

How do you clean them?

  • After 24 hrs you can wash them with regular face wash (preferably oil-free) but the place you go to get them done should also have face wash specifically for your faux lashes!

If anyone has any other questions, please DM me on Instagram OR comment on here and ill be more than happy to answer them.


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