55 Things I Admire About my Momma

If y’all follow me on social media then you know today is my sweet momma’s 55th birthday! She has always been such a light in my life and so I wanted to do a post on everything I love and admire about her! These are in no particular order.

Enjoy xx

My mom:

  1. is slow to anger
  2. is hardworking and diligent
  3. loves the Lord
  4. thinks before she speaks
  5. is a great listener
  6. gives some of the best advice
  7. is prayerful
  8. does not dwell on the unknown
  9. enjoys reading
  10. goes with the flow
  11. would give anyone the shirt off her back
  12. is caring
  13. is thoughtful
  14. filled with joy
  15. is tender
  16. is steadfast
  17. is unwavering
  18. trusts in God’s plan
  19. lets go of things that cannot be changed
  20. loves deeply
  21. gives always
  22. is a jewel
  23. is a light in a dark world
  24. is accepting
  25. seeks God first
  26. prays faithfully
  27. stays humble
  28. loves Sunflowers
  29. is the CUTEST petite woman you ever did see
  30. is strong willed
  31. loves the show, FRIENDS
  32. loves hallmark (especially during the holidays)
  33. is talented at making jewelry
  34. loves people wholeheartedly
  35. is ambitious
  36. is meticulous
  37. doesn’t make excuses
  38. embarrasses situations and opportunities
  39. is supportive
  40. is graceful
  41. knows her value
  42. loves kids movies
  43. loves traveling to new places
  44. is an explorer
  45. dreads being cold
  46. enjoys eating Southwest Chicken Salads
  47. writes sweet letters
  48. likes going on walks
  49. enjoys spending quality time
  50. LEADS
  51. is inspirational
  52. is tender
  53. is respectful
  54. enjoys getting her hair done


I just pray I am half the woman she is! My best friend I tell ya! Happy Birthday, Mom! Let’s celebrate all month long! You’re the best


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