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Helping those ladies out there who are looking for great products on a budget today! Sharing some of my favorite drugstore beauty favs! I love my drugstore beauty products…I actually use more drugstore brands for my everyday makeup routine. In my opinion, you can find an equivalent product to most high-end beauty products for a more affordable price. You may have to dig a little bit more but the price will be way worth it! I love each and every product I am sharing with y’all today! Enjoy xx


(putting these in order right to left)

Color Riche Shine Lipstick: My go-to daytime drug store lip! A great pop of color for your day! All these lipsticks are crazy hydrating and perfect for those of you who like the “soft and natural look.” The first color is Glossy Fawn which is a sheer light brown. Not too overwhelming but just enough to show you have a pop of color on! The second color is Shining Peach which is a glossy subtle pink. Sometimes I’ll first apply Glossy Fawn and add Shining Peach on top! I’ll focus mostly on the center of my lips to make my lips look bigger & fuller. A great technique if you’re trying to get more of a “pout!”

Infallible Paints/Lips Matte: A great lip for date night or any late night event! I always had issues finding a matte lip that didn’t dry out every inch of my lips. I always would feel like my lips were crusty. This is my favorite lip to wear to dinner because it doesn’t come off easily! Some may not like that but for me, that is a huge win! I kid you not, I had to scrub my arm to get it off! Goes on creamy and finishes matte but it’s not sticky or drying! Such a steal for $10! This color is in the shade Festival which is more of milk chocolate brown rather than a dark chocolate brown!

Kiss Plumping Lip Creme: I use this as more of a gloss to put over any darker lip that I apply because of its pretty peachy color!  Super sheer and hydrating. It lightens up my look a little more so it doesn’t look as bold! I am more of natural kinda gal! This is in the color Apricot Silk.


Color Riche Lip Liners:  I never used to outline my lips and now I can’t wear lipstick without doing it! If you need all the help you can get with getting bigger & fuller looking lips, try out a lip liner! I’m telling you, it enhances your lips so much! Personally, I don’t overline just because it makes my whole face loop silly but a ton of people can pull it off! I’d try it out and see what works best for you and the look you’re trying to achieve! The first lip pencil on the right is in the color is Forever Rose which is more of a subtle rose pink. The second pencil is Eternal Mauve which has more of a darker pink undertone.


Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation: I shared this foundation on my Everyday Makeup Routine on my Insta-Stories! It is medium coverage which I like because it doesn’t make my skin look or feel cakey. As soon as it comes out of the compartment, it comes out more runny than thick! Although it’s only medium coverage, it lasts ALL day. ALL DAY. It also includes SPF 15 which is great if you’re outside for most of the day. It is not drying whatsoever which is a great product to have year around! Highly recommend if you’re browsing for a new and affordable liquid foundation! I am currently in the shade Classic Ivory (201) which is a little too light for my skin tone, so I’ll usually mix it with another foundation to match my skin!


Lumi Glow Amour Boosting Drops (top color): Lately, I have been using this liquid highlighter underneath my foundation to give my face more of a dewy/glowy look. It is a little too intense for my skin tone right now to use as the highlighter that I use to for those high points on my face. But it gives you a subtle glow if you feel like going for a more natural look! Highly pigmented with golden tones but really lightweight! This is in the shade Golden Hour!

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder (bottom): $5 highlighter that will be worth your while! I have been trying out this highlighter for the past few weeks and have absolutely LOVED it! It’s such a great peachy glow! Perfect for any type of skin tone as well! I always seem to get questions about it! It’s actually the first drugstore highlighter I have ever purchased. Seriously the BEST. I am hooked! I wear the color Precious Petals but it comes in 5 different shades including mine!

Butter Bronzer: I have talked about this in my Everyday Makeup Routine & I am talking about it again because it is just that goooood! First off, it smells like vacation in a compact. It’s heavenly! It also comes in 4 different shades so you can find one for your perfect skin tone! Currently, I am still pretty pale and the shade “Bronzer” is a great shade for me. I have tried out a ton of bronzers and I have to say this one is my absolute favorite!

Baked Blush: I have never been a blush person! Every time I had my makeup done for prom, I would always ask them not to put blush on me because it makes my cheeks look huge! I don’t know…it’s weird! But I came across Milani’s Baked Blush in the color Bellissimo Bronze and couldn’t help but give it another go! And now it is incorporated into my daily makeup routine! It gives my cheeks a little extra warmth! These blushes have 9 different shades to choose from and are all really satisfying to the eye! I have actually tried Berry Amore + Luminoso! Very pigmented colors!


Voluminous Mascara Primer 300: I wish someone would have told me about priming my lashes years ago… my mascara used to get flaky as the day progressed and I would get home to have little black chunks under my lids. So now I prime! Not only does it help keep your mascara on all day but I also see a noticeable difference in the length of my lashes when I prime! Highly recommend if you’re interested! You can get the lash primer here!


Hope this helps! xx

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