Brett & I’s Engagement Story

I know this is long overdue but I wanted to share Brett & I’s engagement story on the blog because most of y’all probably don’t know ALL the details of the day and it is such a special time in our lives to not write about. I want to look back on this post & the day he proposed and just reflect on how blessed we both are to spend forever together. My mom has told me about 10 times that I need to write everything down from the day and so we can share all the big/little details with our future kids. So here we go…

About a month before the proposal, I received a text from my friend Julia, who is a photographer in Austin, TX (btw-she is amazing). She was asking me when Brett may be in town next because she wanted more photos of couples to build her portfolio! She had asked me about a year prior if she could take photos of Brett & I for the same reason so I honestly didn’t think anything of it. I told her he was playing in Round Rock the following month (which is about 45 minutes from where I go to school) but there were no guarantees  because it’s baseball season and I didn’t think that was something Brett would be interested in doing. I brought it up to him later that night and he was like “yeah, I mean we can do that. That’s fine.” I thought it was kind of strange that he was okay with it but I didn’t really question it.

Moving on to the couple weeks before we were supposed to meet up with Julia…I am trying to coordinate with her on a good location to take these pictures at. She mentions Hamilton’s Pool and I look it up but it’s completed booked for the next two months (they only allow so many people in each day). So I am trying to find other locations that have a lot of nature and maybe even a waterfall! I didn’t have much luck because there’s just not a lot options close to where we were. I had told Julia and Brett about Hamilton’s Pool being completely booked and Brett was sad because he really loved the location but Julia didn’t really respond to me.

The week of, we still didn’t really have a location picked for these photos. I was trying to coordinate times and the location because Brett usually gets to the field around 2 ish (he did not have an off day) and I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be late. I also wanted to do this favor for Julia and she would not call me back. I remember telling Brett “I just don’t know why she won’t call me back and just tell me she doesn’t have a time and location yet” and he would tell me “Ahh I don’t know…she should call you back!” Anyways, I kept waiting on her to let me know the game plan. She had told me she would talk to some of her other photographer friends on different locations we could go to and we were a few days out & I had heard nothing! (P.S. I am an obnoxious planner so when I don’t know the plan, I tend to get anxious-hahah I know…I’m marrying a baseball player)

2 days out, Julia gets back to me!!!! She asks me what I’m wearing, she tells the time + location, etc. I am thrilled (1. because I hadn’t seen her in a while 2. because I got to take sweet pictures with my cute man by my sweet friend!) We go over all the details of everything and I just remember telling Brett that we had to leave at 7:00 am because the location was close to an hour away! I also told him that he can’t complain about leaving so early because he agreed to this (the man loves his sleep).




We left around 7:00 am, drove through Starbucks and were on the road to Krause Springs to meet Julia! Brett claims he was so nervous on our way there + right before he proposed but I couldn’t tell whatsoever and I’m pretty observant (he’s just that good). Julia meets us in the parking lot and we head into the entrance 3o minutes before the place actually opens. We head down these steps where this waterfall + natural spring is and it’s STUNNING. Julia keeps suggesting Brett lead me and I follow behind him but he keeps refusing to turn his back towards me…and I just remember telling him to turn around and he would not do it! I didn’t understand why! I honestly thought we was trying to be difficult and not listen to me lol. So we continue taking photos and he just kinda looks at me funny and is kind of jittery. I STILL didn’t catch on to what was even going on UNTIL he says “I asked your dad last offseason for his blessing. I knew I wanted to marry you since the first day I met you. Will you marry me?” *cue instant tears* …and I don’t even recall saying “yes” because I just froze…I thought I was dreaming…don’t worry, later I validated the “HECK YES I’LL MARRY YOU!” Right after he proposed, he showed me a video that my dad had recorded of himself just saying how happy he was for the both of us and he was sorry he couldn’t be there but we would celebrate soon (my dad manages a baseball team in South Korea currently) *cue tears yet again*…We take a few more photos at various locations around Krause Springs then head to lunch to meet my mom, brother, and his girlfriend! On our way to lunch, we are calling family and close friends to let them know the news and my best friend-in the ENTIRE WORLD-will not call/text me back. I am slightly freaking out because I cannot share this information with the social media world until she calls me back! Brett & I make it to lunch and as we are walking into the restaurant, he keeps looking around the parking lot and I was like “why are you acting weird?” and he said “oh just looking around” ….we walk in the door and guess who walks in right behind us…MY BEST FRIEND. Brett had told her this would be happening and asked her if she could drive in! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas either, so it was awesome.


A few details on Bretts side: He had creeped through my Instagram for Julia because she took my first ever blogging photos and her & I had grown to become good friends over the years! He messaged her, set EVERYTHING up, BUT made me feel like I was planning the entire thing (smart man). He called everything I would tell her and would say exactly how to reply so I wouldn’t be suspicious. He honestly made me feel like I was in charge of the entire day and all our plans with Julia. Also, when Julia wasn’t calling me back, it was because her and Brett hadn’t coordinated a new place to take photos at! So she really didn’t have anything to tell me! Also, Brett’s agent tried to get us into Hamilton’s Pool and they wouldn’t allow it so him &  Julia found Krause Springs! The owners were kind enough to let us in early! There were so many little and particular details about that day. Brett and Julia both did such an amazing job and I didn’t suspect a thing.

I may do an “update” post on all the wedding planning, life planning, and all the new yet exciting things to come! But for now, this is our story and I was so excited to share it!



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